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Terms of Purchase

These terms of purchase define the procedure for ordering, paying, delivering and returning or claiming the products offered on our web site.
The seller (seller) of the goods offered on this site is Craft d. O., Štinjanska cesta 31, 52100 Pula, OIB: 68527354814, and Buyer of goods is a visitor of the internet store who selects at least one product, fill in the electronic order form and send it to the Seller.
www.harkeimaging.eu is a registered company domain of Craft d. o.
The minimum order is 1.00 HRK and ordering of goods is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Company information

Craft d.o.o.
Address: Štinjanska cesta 31, 52100 Pula
E-mail address: info@harkeimaging.eu
Phone info: 095 817 4387

The Webshop is open for orders from 0 to 24, and you can send questions about web shopping to email: info@harkeimaging.eu
Company registered in the Commercial Register: Commercial Court in Pula; OIB: 68527354814

Amount of Company's Core Capital: 20,000.00 kn / full paid
Director: Krešimir Kralj

Order Procedure:

  • Craft d.o.o. offers its customers their customers
  • By clicking on the product name, image or DETAILED Customer will see product details.
  • Clicking on BUY the product is added to the cart.
  • The top right of the web shop is a symbolic display of the basket, and clicking on this box the Buyer will show the currently selected products where the Buyer can make changes if needed.
  • When Buyer is certain that he wants to complete his purchase, it is necessary to click the ORDER option.
  • Buying a purchase can be done as a registered user or as an unregistered user
  • With Purchase Specifications, the Buyer must enter the First and Last Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email, and hereby also indicate that it agrees with the Terms of Business and Privacy Policy
  • After you choose the payment method, the Buyer goes to the next step by clicking the FIND option or returns to the previous step by clicking RETURN.
  • The buyer in the registered email address receives an automated order confirmation
  • The contract with Craft d.o.o. is realized at the moment when Crat d.o.o. receive a payment to your account.
  • Sending is confirmed via e-mail and the invoice is delivered with the delivered product.

Ordering Order

In the event that the ordered product is not available or can not be delivered for any reason, Seller will notify the Buyer (electronically, in writing or by telephone). The buyer can then accept a new delivery deadline, cancel the order, or choose another product.

If the Buyer decides to cancel the order, the Seller will return the money no later than within seven business days of the cancellation.
If the Buyer decides to terminate the contract before the product is sent for delivery, no costs will be charged.
If the Buyer decides to return the product after it has been received, the refund or replacement of the Product will be effected within seven business days upon receipt of the specific product in Craft d.o.o.

Payment methods

Buyer can pay by credit card (one time deposit), general payment or Internet banking.
Credit cards that can be paid are: American Express, Diners, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.

American Express Diners Club International MasterCard Maestro Visa Discover Dinacard



Craft d.o.o. uses WSPay for online payments.

WSPay is a secure online payment system, real-time payments, credit and debit cards, and other payment methods. The WSPay customer and the merchant ensure secure enrollment and transfer of the card data entered, as well as the PCI DSS certificate that WSPay has. WSPay uses 256-bit encryption SSL certificate and TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol as the highest degree of data protection and data security.

Mastercard Securecode Verified By Visa




The buyer has the right to return the product within 15 days (from the date when the decision on unilateral termination of the contract is sent) without giving reasons why the ordered product fails. When Buyer Returns Goods there are two options: replacement for another product or refund of the amount paid (unilateral termination of the contract).


The buyer may replace the product within 15 days (from the date when the decision to unilaterally terminate the contract) without giving any reason for any other product at the same, lower or higher price.

When the price of a replacement product is lower than the prepayment amount, it is returned to the Buyer in the manner in which the Buyer has made a payment, and when the replacement price of the replacement product is higher the Buyer and the Seller will agree on the manner in which the Buyer wishes to make a payment.

When the Seller receives a Product that the Buyer returns and the Buyer wants a replacement product, the Seller shall deliver it within 3-10 business days of receiving the refund.
When returning the product, it is necessary to return the product in its original packaging with a declaration and undamaged at Craft d.o.o. from which the product was sent.
Buyer is responsible for impairment of the purchased product resulting from its use and handling.
Buyer can inform the Seller of Intent to Replace by Phone 095 817 4387 or by e-mail: info@harkeimaging.eu

When replacing, fill in and send a replacement form that attaches to the box when returning and attaching the e-mail. The form can be downloaded here.


The buyer may also return the product within 15 days (from the date on which the goods being the subject of the contract) return the product and demand a refund of the amount paid, ie unilaterally terminate the contract.

In order for the Buyer to exercise the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract, he / she must inform the Seller of his decision before the expiry of the deadline and by a clear statement by post, fax or electronic mail indicating his / her name, address, telephone number, e-mail address use the enclosed example of a one-off termination agreement form available here: http://narodne-novine.nn.hr/clanci/sluzbeni/2014_06_72_1354.html

The buyer returns the Product without unnecessary delay, and in any case not later than 15 days from the date he has made a decision to the Seller on the unilateral termination of the contract.

Seller will make a refund after receiving the return of the product or after the Customer furnishes proof that the product was sent to the Seller. Refunds are paid in the same manner as the Buyer has made a payment.

According to the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer is liable to bear the direct costs of the goods reimbursement if he / she uses his / her right to unilaterally terminate the contract and if the Buyer wishes to contact Craft d.o.o. to the info number or mail address info@harkeimaging.eu for obtaining information on the manner, capabilities and terms of return of the product by Craft d.o.o ..

The buyer is responsible for any impairment of the product resulting from the handling of the goods, except for what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the product.

The seller is obligated to provide Buyer with a confirmation of receipt of the unilateral termination of the contract by e-mail without delay. The Seller and Buyer will agree on all matters directly and in agreement and if the Buyer is dissatisfied with the outcome, he may file a private complaint.


The buyer has the right to claim if goods are delivered to him by quality and quantity that does not correspond to the goods ordered.

Complaints are sent by mail to: info@harkeimaging.eu or to Craft d.o.o. Štinjanska cesta 31, 52100 Pula - For web shop.

The buyer is entitled to claim within 5 days from the date of receipt of the order.
Quantitative complaint is only accepted if the advertised product is originally packaged.
Before sending the product to a complaint, it is necessary to write a written explanation of the reason for the complaint.

In the case of a justified complaint, the Buyer returns the Product to the Seller at the Seller's expense. The seller is obligated to return to the Buyer a paid advance plus the statutory default interest, counting from the date of receipt of the advance until the day of payment, as soon as possible, and at the latest within 7 days from the date of termination of the contract.

When a Seller receives a product, the Quality Control procedure is followed to determine what the word is and whether it is possible to repair it.
The deadline for complaint settlement is 15 working days after receipt of the complaint.

The Seller is not liable for mechanical damage to the packaging resulting from the manipulation of the delivery.

Objections and objections

Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, the Buyer may file a written complaint by post, fax or e-mail. All remarks and objections by Seller will be answered within a maximum of 15 days from the day you receive the objection or objection.
Address for Written Complaint: Craft d.o.o. Štinjanska cesta 31, 52100 Pula

E-mail for complaint: info@harkeimaging.eu

Online dispute resolution

The European Commission has introduced rules on digital contracts to simplify and promote access to digital content and online sales throughout the EU, and the new internet platform now strengthens online shopping confidence and thus contributes to the strategy of the EU's single digital market.

By the EU regulation of 15 February 2016, throughout the European Union, online purchase disputes will be possible through the ODR platform that you can access here.


We reserve the right to make mistakes in product descriptions or photos.

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